Airsoft Reviews
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ICS Airsoft Guns - High Quality AEG's

ICS Airsoft is a Taiwanese company who manufactures some of the best AEGs on the market.  Find out what makes their AEGs so great in our ICS Airsoft Guns Article

CYMA CM030 Airsfot Gun Review

CYMA has created a great airsoft electric pistol.  Read the full review of the CYMA CM030 Airsoft Pistol.

Jing Gong AU-2G Steyr AUG Airsoft Review

Review of the Jing Gong Steyr AUG A2 relica.  The Jing Gong AU-2G Bullpup airsoft rifle is one you'll want in your armory.  Click here to read the entire AU-2G Review

Double Eagle M84 Airsoft Electric Pistol Review

Another Great Airsoft Electric Pistol from Double Eagle.  Read our Double Eagle M84 Airsoft Pistol Review

Jing Gong Tactical AK74 Airsoft Rifle - JG0515 Review

The Jing Gong Tactical AK74. Read the review on the JG0515 airsoft gun.  A great Jing Gong offering under $125 USD!

Star Rainbow Corp - The Best Airsoft From Taiwan

Star Rainbow Corp (SRC) is rapidly becoming the #1 Airsoft Manufacturer in Taiwan.  There products are taking the US Airsoft market by storm.  Read More about SRC here....

Airsoft Magazine Electric winder

The Mr Roll Up Airsoft Magazine Winder is probably one of the coolest and most useful pieces of airsoft gear available.  Check out the Electric Airsoft Magazine Winder from SRC

SRC Airsoft Gearbox Comparison GEN 3 vs GEN 2 & GEN 1

The new SRC Generation 3 Airsoft Guns are starting to hit the shelves in the USA.  Find out what makes the new SRC GEN 3 Gearboxes better than GEN 1 and GEN 2 in this SRC Gearbox comparison

Maple Leaf James Boom Airsoft Grenade Review

Check out our review of the Maple Leaf James Boom Airsoft BB Grenade. One of the coolest peices of "Must have" airsoft gear!

SRC GEN 3 MP0 Airsoft Review

We now carry the new SRC GEN 3 MP40. Read our initial review of the SRC MP40. Includes MP0 AEG Technical Specs

Jing Gong G608 Review - A Great G36 Airsoft Rifle

Jing Gong airsoft does it again with their G36 clone.  We review that Jing Gong G608 airsoft Gun. airsoft review includes airsoft gun performance stats. To read the entire G608 airsoft review, click here.

Jing Gong Airsoft - The Best Airsoft Guns from China!

Jing Gong is rapidly become one of the best mid-range airsoft manufacturer on the market today.  Find out why this Airsoft Manufacturer is doing so well...

Airsoft Radio Controlled Tanks

Airsoft BB Tanks will probably be the hottest toy this and future holiday season.  Airsoft RC Tanks combine two great hobbies into one.

DBoys KLS AKS74 (RK-01)
Airsoft Review

Check out this Sub $180 Airsoft Gun from Dboys.  If you like Soviet era airsoft guns the DBoys AKS-74U (KLS RK-01) is right up your alley.  We review the KLS RK-01 From DBoys..

DBoys Bi-5281 Airsoft Electric Gun Review

D-Boys Airsoft has done it again with the full metal version of the Mk12 Mod0 SPR replica.  The D-boys Bi-5281 is a great airsoft sniper rifle, and we give it thumbs up in this review!

Galaxy G5K - Reviewing the best Airsoft PDW

one Airsoft Mp5 that really stands out in terms of build quality, performance and price is the Galaxy G5K PDW. Read our review here....

Spec Ops Brand Gear for Airsoft Play

Spec Ops Brand Tactical Gear is preferred by US combat troops, Made in the USA, Rugged, and Guaranteed for life.  Combine that with affordable pricing and you have the making for some truly great Airsoft Tactical Gear.  Check out our select line of Spec Ops Brand Tactical gear.

Blammo Kill Marker BBs by Grudge Tactical

Blammo Kill Marker BBs are the latest in Airsoft Marker BB technology.  Check out this article about the Marker BB that will make those crappy Airsoft paintballs obsolete, the Grudge Tactical Blammo Kill Marker BB